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Cristian Rodríguez, from Ejidense, has hours left to get in front of the start line of the Tour de France. Even with his nerves on edge, he gladly answers the call from Diario de Almería. Not only he calls and is 7 minutes and 57 seconds glued to the receiver, but he sends photos by guasap and thanks to be forwarded the web link of this interview. We can only wish him the best of luck and that, as Martínez Oliver did in 1988, he climbs to the top of the podium in some stage of the French round.

-There are several. The first week is not the best for me, I have to try to overcome the crashes and the bad weather. I hope to do good stages from the second week on and, above all, enjoy this great race.

ANDORRE ⛷️ GRANDVALIRA Piste Rouge / Red Track

The quarantine was mentally demanding, especially in the second part, because my rivals were able to race again and I was still on the roller. Australia did well in the quarantine, but there were restrictions from March until a few weeks ago. There were about 12 weeks where we could barely get out as far as 5km from home and ride for an hour (then it was 2) outdoors. That was hard for me because I love being outside, with friends and racing. But I had to make do with Zwift and a lot of virtual racing. But I still looked at the positive, which was being able to enter my country in the middle of the pandemic, strengthen myself and share time with my mother».

«For now I was able to combine university with cycling. I love having something to do outside of cycling, I really enjoy studying. However, when I travel to Europe I will have to study part time. I’m not in a rush, I see myself as one of those people who studies all my life so it won’t affect me. I studied some science first, more precisely mathematics and computer science, but now I switched to language and geography».

️ grandvalira neige pic blanc – andorra snow tv

On the one hand it gives me the confidence that I have that level. Once I’ve proven it, I want to keep growing myself, and it’s this nonconformity that makes us improve ourselves. I don’t want to stagnate and I have that little bit of nervousness, the desire to do well and repeat what I did. It’s more of a positive incentive to look for motivation than a burden.

He will race the Giro again, where he had an exceptional performance, finishing sixth overall and helping Miguel Angel Lopez to the third step of the final podium. The idea will be to go one step further and take ‘Superman’ to the top, won’t it?

Yes, of course. It’s a great support to have them here. When I left Caja Rural and after having been with Euskaltel before, I wanted to experience a more international atmosphere, but now that I’ve got people from home I’m grateful for that closer support.

I don’t know. Maybe they have to play some rock or Basque song to cheer me up, heh, heh… I just wasn’t there at the time and didn’t participate. It’s not that I like rap very much, but I don’t have problems to do some theater either, heh, heh, heh.

The Flysch Route

After the success of last December, which gathered hundreds of titans willing to live the Titan experience on European soil, the Skoda Titan Desert Almeria is consolidated and is already preparing all the details of the next edition.

On October 8 will start the first of the four stages that will make up a total distance of 350 kilometers. The Tabernas desert will be one of the main stages of the circuit, where most of the route will take place. Stage 3 will be the hardest of all and will recover the emblematic Alto de Velefique, the pass located at 1,820 meters above sea level will be the protagonist of the day. A decisive stage, the longest and hardest of all, which in 2020 was key to decide the winner of the race.

The camps are part of the essence of the Titan Desert. Common to all cyclists who participate, it is the resting place where they share and relive everything that happened in the stages. It is in this magical place where the Titan spirit is forged, which is then reflected in the race with the solidarity between each other.