Por que.no se mendan ni re ino mensajes whatsapp

What does forwarded many times in whatsapp mean?

The deactivation of the service can happen both to WhatsApp users with an iPhone or those with a terminal with Android or Windows Phone. All accounts can be suspended regardless of the device used.

If you are sure that you have not violated the WhatsApp terms of use, the thing to do is on the one hand make sure that you are using the official WhatsApp application on iPhone, Android or Windows Phone.

If you were not using WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp or other similar non-official WhatsApp applications and you still have the suspended WhatsApp account, the solution is to:contact WhatsApp and send them an email to support@whatsapp.com indicating:

Update: as you can see in the comments through Ana, it is confirmed that despite violating the rules and that they suspend the account (for a few months) if you insist sending mails, they end up returning it if you prove good faith. Thanks for the testimony

Here I include a video of a report of La Sexta Noticias of November 10, 2014 and its news about WhatsApp by Beatriz Correal that deals with this issue and in which we appear, both Ana, located through this blog and me:

Forwarded many times meme

However this is one of the hot chat apps where ages are not verified, so it is easy for a teenager to say they are over 18 and an adult to say they are young that is more.

Badoo is definitely not for children; Their policy requires that no photos of anyone under 18 be posted. It is not moderated and many sexual imГЎgenes appear while you browse however, the content.

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Cómo hacer que un mensaje diga reenviado muchas veces

Presidente. – Antes de iniciar el debate sobre el Brexit, quisiera destacar en nombre del Parlamento Europeo el fuerte rechazo a la ofensiva terrorista ocurrida en Siria con el uso de armas químicas.

Los recientes y graves episodios de terrorismo indican que todos los países europeos están llamados a trabajar juntos. El terrorismo no conoce límites y la seguridad de nuestros ciudadanos siempre está por encima de cualquier interés particular.

Manfred Weber, en nombre del Grupo PPE. – Señor Presidente, queridos colegas, la semana pasada recibimos oficialmente la carta. Hemos tardado nueve meses en escribir una carta de seis páginas, pero por fin la hemos recibido. Hoy es el día en el Parlamento Europeo y la señal de hoy es que estamos listos, podemos empezar y, con suerte, después de la votación podemos decir que estamos unidos y que permanecemos juntos en estas negociaciones.

Luego tenemos que hablar de dinero. Las principales prioridades están definidas. Por último, esperamos que Londres respete que los Veintisiete continúen. La Declaración de Roma es clara y tenemos que hablar del futuro en nuestra Unión.

How to retrieve whatsapp messages waiting for a message

No one likes getting debt collection calls. But have you ever received a call about a debt you’ve already paid – or that you know you don’t owe? Or has a debt collector ever threatened or harassed you until you ended up paying? If so, we want you to know how to protect yourself.

yes there are about three companies that send me letters that I owe 4000.00 to one and the others 385.00 and 875.00 but the weird thing is that when I call no one answers and says that the phone is out of service nothing less now I have one in my possession and I’m going to send it to the police to find out who the scammers are.

Thank you!!! Glad I have signed up for these emails!!!! I have been receiving calls from 2 separate phone numbers from the state of Maryland for months, finally answered it yesterday!!!! I was told the company name was «OffShore» Collections», I was supposed to give her my address and telephone number! Uhm, no I think not!!! My debt has been paid!!! I have blocked these numbers, im sure new ones will pop up! Thanks for this information!!!